Eric & Jocelyn

A Phone Call

Several months ago, Eric and Jocelyn received a call from the woman who legally coordinated their first adoption of Georgia Grace.  She asked if they would consider another adoption for a baby due in October.  They prayerfully decided to move forward as long as the Lord opened the door.  Not long after that call, another call came letting them know the adoption was no longer necessary.  God had closed that door, but the process left them realizing they were prepared to open their home to another child in need of a loving family.  Only a month later, a second opportunity came along.

Eric and Jocelyn, again, prayerfully decided to move forward with this as God continues to open the doors necessary.  They have had the privilege of praying for and supporting a young, single, expectant mother, who already has a 24 month daughter, and an 11 month baby boy, and very few resources or support.  They are thankful she has chosen life for this precious baby girl, who they call “Willa Jo”, and they deeply respect her decision to choose adoption.

Willa Joe Ultrasound

Baby Willa Jo Ultrasound

A Step of Faith

As you may know, Eric is a full time student working on his Doctor of Chiropractic degree. God has blessed them with a profitable business  while in school that allows them to provide a great life for an additional child in their home. Like many other adoptive families, the challenge Eric and Jocelyn face is in providing the upfront legal costs and fees in such a short amount of time, and they are humbly asking for your financial help!

There is a sense of urgency in that baby Willa Jo is due to be born January 10, and of course possibly even sooner. The total cost for birth mother expenses, legal fees, and coordination is $32,000.00.   A portion of these funds have already been paid while held in escrow to help this young, homeless, expectant mother meet her basic needs of shelter, food, and clothing as permitted by Florida law.  The remaining need is $2514.00

Eric and Jocelyn realize that this is an extraordinary mountain to climb in a short amount of time. They are prayerfully committed to walking forward as long as the Lord continues to open the doors. They know it will require the generosity of people who know and care about them, as well as, those who believe in the importance of adoption to help them walk this journey and make this adoption a reality.

Please consider a donation to help Eric, Jocelyn, and Georgia Grace give this baby a loving home!

Ways to Make A Tax Deductible Donation

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Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 2.05.59 PM

Acing Adoption is a project of Light For Life, NFP a 501 (c) 3 organization

All contributions are tax deductible as permitted by 501 (c) 3 law


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